Bogotá, Colombia

“Urban art is only comparable to life: short-lived, changing, aged by time, often dark; others, full of color ”, DjLu-Juega Siempre.

Recognized for the use of stencils and more than 140 pictograms belonging to the serie "Señaletic for a Better World", the artist from Bogota combines a universal language with a semiotic game that mixes pictorial elements loaded with strong political criticism against the system, war, traditional order, and violence.

The professor and architect by profession, has been painting for more than 15 years and sees the city as an ideal playground for urban artists, hence his signature Juega Siempre. For him, the street is a space of freedom that can be used as a canvas of everyday reality.

His series of characters made in stencils is a tribute to the anonymous heroes who habit and live the street in different ways, but who are also part of the construction of society.